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Please feel free to contact our helpful GHABSW Officers and staff if you have any questions and or concerns.

Founded 1971
P.O. Box 274
Hartford, CT 06141




President - Roxanne Ellis-Denby


Vice President - Angela Washington


Correspondence Secretary - Kim Johnson


Treasurer - Kenneth Green



Website/Multi-Media Staff


Kenya Findlay

Membership Guidelines


For more information regarding memberships, please contact our Treasurer Ken Green

New/Renewal members paying $80.00 membership fee. Renewal members are defined as continuous, unbroken membership. Members desiring voting privileges shall pay dues by October 31.

Full-time student members shall pay $40.00 membership fee. Part-time employment is defined as 20 hours or less per week. Students are defined as those who are matriculating full time (12 credit hours or more for undergraduates and 9 credit hours or more for graduate students)



For more information about the national organization please click the link : NABSW


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