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The National Organization (NABSW) was formed in May of 1968 in San Francisco. Since that time more than 120 locally based chapters throughout the US have maintained an affiliation which makes it the largest black professional organization in the country. Once a year, there is a national Conference held to coordinate, communicate and clarify issues that  beset black people everywhere.


While the social work profession is concerned with human needs of all individuals, regardless of race or ethnic origin, we have found, however, that there are certain problems peculiar to the black community.


Often times these problems are not addressed adequately by the prevailing social work organizations, agencies and schools of social work. We want to fill these gaps by effectively dealing with these problems. Most of them deserve high priority in the oppressed  black communities.






“ We must never lose infinite hope”

           -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Foster black awareness when facing adversities in the black community.


Develop a theoretical base conductive to encouraging health, education , and social services relevant to needs of black people.


Provide structure through which practitioners in education, social services and related fields can exchange ideas, aimed at developing quality services in the interest of the black community.


Establish and maintain positive linkages with individuals and organizations with goals consistent to our own.



GHABSW engages the community in: Meaningful action, empowerment strategies and self-determination, based  on sound social work principles as well as a deep commitment to ethical and human decency. 





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